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Sourdough Einkorn Breakfast Bread

Sourdough Einkorn Breakfast Bread

I love sourdough! A good sourdough starter is a masterpiece of living organisms. Recently I have been curious about working with Einkorn flour. I heard about all its wonderful health benefits so I started experimenting a bit.  I had some leftover starter from my bread baking and I thought I would make some sourdough waffles […]

Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas holiday is officially upon us. What in the world are you going to do with leftover turkey? Your family will only endure wonderful turkey sandwiches on yummy sourdough for a couple of meals so now what? Maybe there isn’t a whole lot of actual meat left after being carved and […]

Cranberry Orange Bread

Cranberry Orange Bread

What flavor enhancer would I be putting in my precious breads? I promise it is all natural and tastes wonderful when used in baking.  Give up guessing? It is Orange Essential Oil! Orange oil has many uses around the house including uses for cleaning and aromatherapy. However one of my favorite uses is a flavor […]

The Easiest Sourdough Bread ever!

The Easiest Sourdough Bread ever!

Do you have a sourdough starter ready to use but can’t find a simple recipe? Look no further. I have you covered!Last week I posted my how to make your starter and now we will use that starter to make delicious bread! Let’s get started. Items You Will Need: A large non-metal bowl preferably glass […]

How to Raise a Mother Sourdough Start...

How to Raise a Mother Sourdough Starter

I have always enjoyed sourdough. It is one of the easiest and simplest bread recipes. Many find the starter to be rather intimidating and I agree, it can be. I just wanted to share the starter and method that I have been most successful with and how it works.  I obtained the method from the […]

Fermented Vegetables with a Kick! aka...

Fermented Vegetables with a Kick! aka Spicy Fermented Vegetables

  I have recently discovered the joy and ease of lacto-fermenting foods and beverages. In one Sunday afternoon I think I managed to ferment almost every raw vegetable in my refrigerator. I purchased some whey from my local food co-op, did a little internet research, and an addict was born! Not only was it fun […]

Beef Stew-Persnickety Style

Beef Stew-Persnickety Style

It is that time of year when the weather is cool and time is short so what’s a quick easy hearty dinner that fills tummies and warms the body? Beef Stew! But beef stew takes a few hours to cook, how is that quick? Well, it does take a few hours, but it is a […]

I’m Gluten Intolerant! – ...

I’m Gluten Intolerant! – Why and What do I Do Now?

It’s all over the place these days- the terms gluten intolerant and gluten allergy. What do these mean? People have eaten bread for thousands of years! Why are we just now discovering that it’s bad for us? So let’s just take a look at some of the technical terms and definitions of gluten and go […]

Chili-A Great Dish for the Chilly Wea...

Chili-A Great Dish for the Chilly Weather

I live in Texas where chili may very well be the state food dish. During the cooler months it is served 2-3 times per month in the Persnickety household. Not only is chili a good hearty dish, it’s loaded with great herbs and spices that help protect against winter colds and illnesses. These spices include […]

Texas Caviar- A Gluten Free Vegan Par...

Texas Caviar- A Gluten Free Vegan Party Dish

What is Texas Caviar? It is a wonderful relish made with black-eyed peas and Tex Mex flavor. I was first introduced to this dish at a party in my teen years. I remember the idea of cold black-eyed peas as being weird to me. Fast forward to my dad’s 60th birthday party where I got […]

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