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Russian Beet Salad

Russian Beet Salad

Russian Beet Salad-to me the name evokes an image of beautiful pink colored dish that is highly nutritious and filling. I love to cook, and I love to share some of the recipes I have acquired on my journey to become a more self-sustaining natural person.  Being a busy mom and wife I know the […]

Best and Easiest Nut Butter Cookie Re...

Best and Easiest Nut Butter Cookie Recipe

Who doesn’t love a nut butter cookie with a glass of raw milk every once in a while? My dad loves peanut butter cookies. He always has. However he recently went gluten free and thought he would have to give them up. However this recipe is grain free and nutritious. Now he can still indulge […]

Cranberry Orange Relish-A Persnickety...

Cranberry Orange Relish-A Persnickety Family Tradition

When I was growing up every Christmas my dad and I made Cranberry Orange Relish. It became our ritual and our tradition. It was the only thing we ever used our meat grinder for and it gave it the best texture. I wish I still had that meat grinder. While it works fine in other […]

White Beans-Southern Style!


I have spent most of my life in either Texas or Alabama where some of the most popular dishes are made with white beans. These days white beans are usually another name for cannellini beans. However in the deep South they are usually large limas or Northern beans. Dry beans are a great way to […]

Lamb Meatballs-A Gluten Free Recipe

Lamb Meatballs-A Gluten Free Recipe

We buy grass fed meats from a local butcher that sources only from local farms. Their prices are very reasonable and they are some of the nicest most helpful, honest people you will meet. Anyway, lately they have been running a killer sale on ground lamb (like it’s almost half the price of ground beef). […]

Homemade Bread-Why It Should Be the O...

Homemade Bread-Why It Should Be the Only Kind You Eat

By now ya’ll know that I love to bake bread. For me it is therapeutic. The act of kneading dough is a great stress reliever and the smell of it baking in the oven is the best aromatherapy ever! It’s relaxing to me, that when I am busy running around and chasing kids that I […]

Russian Salad Recipe aka Vinagret


Vinagret is the name given to a lovely Russian salad.  That would seem quite odd to most American palates. I can honestly say that this was such an interesting  combination of vegetables that  I just had to try it. And because I love it, I had to share it This recipe was shared with me […]

Why I Joined a Food Co-op and You Sho...

Why I Joined a Food Co-op and You Should Too!

After joining a local food co-op, I realized how good it felt. The co-op I joined provides its members with local produce, grass fed meats and raw milk. It also provides local artisans with an outlet to share their products. Not only am I a member of this local co-op, I am also a vendor. […]

Why I am No Longer a Vegetarian

Why I am No Longer a Vegetarian

When I was a teenager I was a full fledged vegetarian. Almost vegan.  I was also a card carrying member of PETA. I went through that phase of life. Back then being a vegetarian was hard, especially in the Deep South where all green vegetables must be cooked with a pork product. I maintained this […]

Fall in Love with Lentil Stew!


I don’t know about you, but by the end of August I am ready for fall and all the comfort foods it brings. I have been known to cook this Lentil Stew in August just for that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with cooler weather, homemade afghans, bowls of soup and mugs of warm beverages. […]

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