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The Importance of Afternoon Tea with My Children

Afternoon tea commonly conjures images of Queen Elizabeth and Big Ben, for me at least. It is a very common English tradition that is not usually observed in the United States. However, I chose to introduce it to my children, and I think it has great benefit. The Benefits of Observing Afternoon Tea 1) The consistency of ritual. Children thrive…

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Books, Books, and More Books!

I’m taking a little detour from normal posts to share some thoughts on what I could probably call my first true love-BOOKS! ¬†As I prepare the kids’ reading lists for the upcoming school year it reminds me of my long-standing love affair with treasured tomes. By the time I was the Adventurer’s age (10) I was reading such wonderful classics…

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Already Time for Summer Plans

Summers are a little tricky for the Persnickety family. You see I am a planner. I love making plans-menu plans, lesson plans,etc. Love them! However I can definitely over plan things also. This is a great way to sabotage the enthusiasm of any child though. This brings us to plans for the summer. Before moving to Texas we home schooled…

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