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My Awakening

My awakening  has been a post a long time in the making. The process that I have been through has been amazing. At times painful, at times inspiring, always beautiful. I am by nature a pretty private person when it comes to sharing my flaws. I would like for everyone to think that I am perfect, however, in reality, we…

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Green Your Beauty Routine

Transitioning to a more natural lifestyle no longer means that you quit shaving and wear your hair in dreads (unless you like that and that is totally your prerogative).  Now there are many ways to be stylish and nicely groomed like any lady loves to be.  In today’s post I would like to give you some natural alternatives to  common…

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The Only Hair Product You Will Ever Need

Do you have unruly, frizzy hair?  I do.  As you can see from this photo, I have a small child and no time to spend fixing my hair.  I love to look nice, but I often have to make a choice-shower or dress up.  I have a tendency to choose the shower.  My “beauty routine” must be kept short and…

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Maintaining Our Sanity Pt.1-Spiritually

I have to say that when I see the above picture I think of the many beautiful sunsets that I have seen from our home in small town DFW, Texas.  Texas has some of the most beautiful sunsets ever!  However, this post isn’t about sunsets per se, but about ways to maintain our sanity. It will be one of a…

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