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The Toddler Leftover Diet

The Toddler Leftover Diet 1No, I haven’t lost my mind. The Toddler Leftover Diet is real. Yes, it’s mainstream. No, it’s not endorsed by any type of healthcare professional. However, if you have a toddler in your house you are on the Toddler Leftover Diet or some facsimile thereof.

What is The Toddler Leftover Diet?

Basically it is when you consume your toddler’s leftovers instead of disposing of them. As a frugal mama you hate to waste food and toddlers waste a lot so it’s a mama’s job to take care of it. By take care of it, I mean eat it.

How Do I Know If I Am on the Toddler Leftover Diet?

Do you have a toddler in your home? Do you eat food? You are more than likely on the Toddler Diet.

Is The Toddler Leftover Diet Bad for Me?

Yes and no. This is many times a survival diet. You are running around being wife, mother, referee, chauffeur, etc and realize as you are getting the Toddler away from the table that you didn’t eat. There is food left right in front of you. A couple of bites is all you need to stay alive, and that’s all you get. This will probably wreck your metabolism and make it difficult to maintain your figure in the future, but for now you are losing weight. Is that a bad thing?

On the flipside you can get caught up in the whole “Waste not, want not” mantra and eat your meal plus the toddler’s leftovers. Bad trap. What is only a couple of bites can translate into extra calories you may not need. So beware.

But I Don’t Want to be on the Toddler Leftover Diet.

Well, you have a couple of options:

  1. Dispose of toddler leftovers responsibly by composting or other methods.
  2. Save leftovers for later. (These are super for toddler leftovers)
  3. Accept that this is a short period of time in your life and embrace it. I plan my personal meals around the Toddler Leftover Diet. Instead of fixing myself a fast lunch, I make sure the Toddler has a nourishing healthy lunch that I won’t feel bad about eating when he is completely finished.

This post may seem a little silly, but I wrote it to help moms keep things in perspective. The Toddler years don’t last forever. You are not the only mom that has no time for herself or can’t have a decent meal without having to stop in the middle to clean up a spill or diffuse a situation.  Just know that it’s ok. There are bigger more important things happening than a meal. One day you will get to sit down for a meal and while it will be wonderful, it will be bittersweet remembering those crazy years known as toddlerhood.

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Toddler Leftover Diet 1

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