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Homemade “Pickled” Cucumbers

HomemadePickledCucumbersI love traditional foods from other countries.  There is something about trying a dish from another country that just makes me feel good inside.  This fabulous “pickle” recipe is no exception.  I have a lovely friend that is from Russia.  I find it fascinating to talk to her and listen to her experiences because they are at times very different from mine.  She has been so kind as to tell me about some of her favorite dishes from Russia.  If she doesn’t give me the recipe, I usually search it out.  One thing I really enjoy about the recipes she has shared with me so far is how nutritious and economical they are.  For instance this recipe only has a few ingredients-cucumbers, fresh dill, and fresh garlic.  Those are pretty inexpensive this time of year.  You may even have them growing in your garden.  My friend calls them pickles, but they aren’t prepared like we are accustomed to with vinegar, but with salt water.  Anyway here is this simple recipe.

Recipe for Homemade “Pickled” Cucumbers:

2 lbs pickling cucumbers. Use the Persian variety that are more like the European ones or slice a European one.  I sliced my cucumbers and cut them into spears because they were too long to fit into the jars.

1 good handful of fresh dill

6 garlic cloves sliced or more to taste

4 cups of water

3 Tablespoons of salt

Cut the cucumbers as you would like. Layer cucumbers, dill, and garlic in jars.  Dissolve salt in the water and pour over cucumbers.  Seal and store in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.  These “pickles” are crisp and tender and the perfect accompaniment to a main dish  They have a wonderful flavor, but are not what we Americans generally think of when we hear dill pickles.  These are completely different! I truly hope you try this fabulous recipe and let me know how you like it!  Also please share any traditional recipes from your family.  I would love to try them 🙂

GoodTastesTuesdayFeaturedButtonBarn-HopThis recipe also seen in Kelly the Kitchen Kops’ Real Food Wednesday Blog Carnival