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Luscious Probiotic Lemonade

Luscious Probiotic Lemonade fbLuscious Probiotic Lemonade the name conjures warm summer afternoons on the veranda. But wait it’s a little early to talk about lemonade, it’s the middle of winter. Some of us have snow on the ground.  However, I love lemonade year round.  Lemons in sugar water is very satisfying and thirst quenching. So when I saw that I could take lemonade and kick it up a notch and make a drink that not only was thirst quenching and satisfying, but also good for your overall health, I was totally on board. Enter Luscious Probiotic Lemonade. It’s simple, satisfying and good for you. The probiotics in the lemonade help the digestive system. By aiding and supporting the digestive system with good bacteria, it changes the overall health of your body. People have reported that fermented beverages have helped with joint pain, weight control, their immune system and several other health benefits. To read more about the benefits of adding probiotics to your diet read here. The lemons in lemonade also help detox your system and quench thirst better than water alone. Because of the fermentation process, much of the sugar is absorbed leaving you with an effervescent slightly sweetened lemon water beverage. Much more thirst quenching than a syrupy lemonade.

So does this sound a little intimidating? It is so super easy you won’t believe it! You need a gallon sized jar, a measuring cup, and a wooden spoon.  I used an old glass pickle jar. Pretty basic stuff, I think.

Recipe for Luscious Probiotic Lemonade:

10-12 lemons, you want good-sized juicy ones, peeled and juiced

1-1 1/2 cups sugar

1 c. whey

about 1 gal. of filtered water

Heat 1 c. of water and the sugar. Make sure the sugar is well dissolved and let cool a bit. You don’t have to boil the water. After it has cooled to about room temp put it in the jar and add the filtered water. You want to make sure to use un-chlorinated water. Bottled water, filtered tap water, or you can take a pitcher of tap water and sit it uncovered on your counter for 24 hours. Chlorine can affect your ferment so this is critical. Once the water is added you want to make sure that the water is about room temperature. Add the whey and lemon juice. Give it a good stir and put a good tight lid on it. Let it sit on your countertop for 2-3 days and then enjoy.

See it’s super easy!  I hope you enjoy this easy recipe and introduction into fermenting beverages as much as I have.

Please Note: I have had several questions about whey. Basically whey is the liquid by product of cheese making or straining yogurt. You can learn to make your own here. I purchase mine from a local dairy farm that makes cheese and yogurt for our food co-op. If you don’t have that kind of access you can purchase it here. Unfortunately powdered whey protein is not a good substitute. Thanks for all the great questions!

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