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Oct 082014

This week at the Mansfield Farmer’s Market Naturally Persnickety Breads will have the following available for purchase: Fall Harvest Bread- A lovely combination of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, pecans, whole rye or wheat flour, lightly sweetened with organic sugar and Grade B maple syrup. It is wonderful lightly toasted with butter and jam [...]

Sep 162014
Easy DIY Sinus Remedy

Who doesn’t have sinus trouble these days? It seems like everyone has it at sometime during the year. Since moving back to Texas a few years ago I have noticed I don’t have quite as much trouble as I used to, but I still succumb to the occasional head cold. It started last week. Mr. [...]

Jul 282014
An All Natural Travel Size First Aid Kit

Recently I was asked for what I would put into a travel sized First Aid Kit. Something perfect for a backpack or glove box. Something all Natural that would be great for a backpacking/camping weekend for adults and children alike. It didn’t take long for me to figure out my must haves, but the challenge [...]

Jul 182014
My Awakening

My awakening  has been a post a long time in the making. The process that I have been through has been amazing. At times painful, at times inspiring, always beautiful. I am by nature a pretty private person when it comes to sharing my flaws. I would like for everyone to think that I am [...]

May 202014
Helichrysum-What is so special about this expensive essential oil?

Can you identify the flower in the picture above? If you have any knowledge of essential oils, you’ve probably heard of it-the beloved Helichrysum! In the past year I have been slowly replacing  items in my medicine cabinet with essential oils. I love learning about them and the power of these natural plant based options. [...]

May 192014
Two Things that Stopped a Stomach Virus in It's Tracks

Recently there has been a Stomach Virus making its rounds. After having the Norovirus at Thanksgiving almost nothing strikes fear into my heart more than to hear that another stomach virus is going around. I had taken the children to the park recently and on my way home started getting that icky nauseous feeling. I [...]

May 192014
Cranberry Orange Bread

What flavor enhancer would I be putting in my precious breads? I promise it is all natural and tastes wonderful when used in baking.  Give up guessing? It is Orange Essential Oil! Orange oil has many uses around the house including uses for cleaning and aromatherapy. However one of my favorite uses is a flavor [...]

May 082014
The Importance of  Afternoon Tea with My Children

Afternoon tea commonly conjures images of Queen Elizabeth and Big Ben, for me at least. It is a very common English tradition that is not usually observed in the United States. However, I chose to introduce it to my children, and I think it has great benefit. The Benefits of Observing Afternoon Tea 1) The [...]

May 062014
Embracing Life's Necessary Hard Times

Hard times are all around us. We need to learn to embrace them because they are necessary. Nothing beautiful comes about without great challenges, pressure, and change. This is part of life and while it is not “fun” these times should be cherished for what they are – making you a better you. What qualifies [...]

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